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1. Happy 4th of July! I hope you all have a wonderful day spent eating good food and watching fireworks! 
2. The other day I got to meet Emily from A Thousand Words in real life! Our families met up at a lake where we went swimming, talked a lot, took pictures and of course, made a vlog. We finished the day by going out to eat in a cute town.
3. Emily is so awesome! She's really genuine, she loves Jesus, she's sweet and kind, she's funny, and she's an all around fantastic person whom I'm blessed to call my REAL LIFE friend! =)
4. Have you ever tried talking to an ipod before? It's awkward. So keep in mind that talking to ipod is not very natural. 
5. Sorry for the weird angle. We had the ipod balancing on a bag.
6. Bugs were EVERYWHERE.
7.  Okay, go watch it!


  1. aww this was so fun! You guys are awesome :)

  2. This was real fun! Thanks for sharing, Emily and Emily :) You're both really sweet :)
    God bless,
    Sarah (Joy's sister!)

  3. Aaaah! You guys are super cute! It must have been so much fun to get to meet each other and spend a day together! But yeesh, looks like the bugs were awful! Thanks for suffering through that so we could get to see your pretty faces!