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Kellie | Portraits

A week ago yesterday I was flying home from a 2 week adventure in CA with my friend, Michaela! So if you're wondering why I haven't posted in a month, that's why! The week before the trip was a blur of making lists and trying to get packed up. This week I've been trying to catch up on sleep and the three hour time change. Check out our adventure HERE.

That being said, I had the opportunity to meet a blog friend in real life while I was out west! Kellie from Nothing Less Than Bread is so incredibly sweet, funny, genuine, and adorable! It was so cool to actually meet her after just being blog friends. 

(Thanks for the picture, Michaela!)

We walked all around town in the heat trying to find a Starbucks and finally, dripping in sweat and almost giving up hope of ever finding it, there it was.*Cue a light beam and Hallelujah music.* 

Kellie, I'm so glad I got to meet you! You are awesome!



  1. Love this post and so loved our afternoon together! This makes me feel so special, I'm SO glad that we actually got to meet! I mean, how did something THAT cool actually happen to us, right? Hugs from her to you (and Michaela!)

  2. Em, y'all are adorable! :) and I'm so happy you're back on the blogosphere!! I seriously missed you. =)