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Chancellorsville, VA 150th Anniversary Reenactment

I had the opportunity to reenact at the 150th anniversary of the battle of Chancellorsville in Virginia! It was incredible. I accidentally registered as a Confederate, (Oops! I didn't realize there was a separate registration tent for the Union!) got to see where the battles actually took place and now have "Dixie Land" permanently stuck in my head. 

My friends, Michaela and Addie let me join them on a last minutes notice and for that I'm so grateful! Also, a HUGE thanks to my awesome sister for driving me there!

2 reenactments under my belt and many more to come! 

 I wonder what people were thinking when they saw a long line of Union soldiers crossing the road....

Addie sitting in Sergeant Clarence's chair. =)

Michaela is the master at Civil War hair. Isn't this amazing?

The remains of the Chancellor house.

Hazel grove now and then.

Michaela danced with a Confederate....GASP! We tease her mercilessly. =)

Eating at Subway in our Civil War clothes...totally normal.

My nephew seemed to like the battle and so did my nieces except for the horses. 
"I was just terrified of the horses!" -Ava

Thanks for the picture, Jamie!