"You're Dashing and Humble."

Good news! I finally have a title for my Little Match Girl retelling. It's been dubbed: Sweet Remembrance, inspired by a song composed by Felix Mendelssohn. It feels so good to have a title at long last!

I'm knee deep in edits at the moment. To be honest, I was dreading the editing process but once I got started, I'm finding that I'm really enjoying it! It helps that I love my two main characters, Romek and Kasia. They keep things lively.

“Well, seeing as you can’t find any other girl to go with you, I accept.”
A spark of humor flashed in his eyes. “You misunderstood. I never said I couldn’t find another girl to go with me. In fact, I have many admirers.”
“Oh, I see. You’re dashing and humble. Please tell me more of your charming attributes.”
He tossed me a roguish smirk. “Take a seat. I have all day.”
“Unfortunately, I don’t.”
“Too bad. It would have made for a nice conversation.”

Fellow writers, how are your projects coming along?

Liberation of New Oxford

A few weeks ago I attended the Operation Market Garden reenactment in New Oxford, PA which is a few miles from Gettysburg. My sister, nieces, nephew and I portrayed Dutch civilians who had been living under Nazi occupation for four years. This reenactment coincides with the Eisenhower Farm WWII weekend which was the first WWII reenactment I ever saw. It was neat to be back to the area a few years later as an official reenactor! 

My nieces reminded me of the girl in the red coat which made my heart ache. 

We had a great view of the action from that shop window!

Just fixing my kerchief as the war rages ... 

While we were hiding in the shop, the kids stayed out of the action with my older sister and mom. Thankfully, they weren't scared of the battle! I was worried they'd be screaming in terror. But instead ... 

My sister and niece looking so cute. =)

A few American paratroopers were taken as prisoners. The Germans searched through all their gear, throwing it into a messy heap on the street. There was a medic on his knees, smoking a cigarette like: No big deal. I'll somehow come out of this alive. Oh, and he looked just like Fabian Hinrichs who played Hans Scholl in Sophie Scholl: The Final Days so that was crazy weird. 

Then they ordered the POWs to sit right outside our window. One tapped on the glass to say hi. 

As they handcuffed them to a bar, someone said: "You better have a key for that."  We were thinking the same thing. Thankfully, they did. 

One American made a run for it, was shot (epic death, sir!) then another American shot the German guard. Oh how the tides turned ...

After the Allies liberated us, we passed out cookies to the soldiers as a thank you.

Giving Emeric a cookie to keep him quiet during the ceremony ... =)

I had a few cookies left and gave them to my nieces to pass out to the soldiers. Clare came back to me with a scandalous report. "I accidentally gave a cookie to a German soldier." CLARE, HOW COULD YOU?! =)

A soldier let the kids sit in his jeep!

I ran into a French resistance friend ...

He loved the old fashioned water bottles. 

Clare:  "Are you sure there's just water in this?" There's no booze in there, Clare. I promise. =)

Some of us were tired on the way home ... others not so much.

If you're in the Gettysburg area next September, be sure to check out the WWII weekend!